Celebrating the Viterbi Algorithm Through Art

Fifty years ago, Andrew Viterbi, USC Electrical Engineering Alumnus and founder of Qualcomm, invented the Viterbi Algorithm. Without it, nearly all forms of modern communication would be impossible. In celebration of the algorithms golden anniversary, the Ming Hsieh Institute has sponsored a student art competition inspired by Dr. Viterbi's work.

The grand prize of $1000 will be presented to the winning student by Andrew Viterbi on September 25th. The winning piece, along with others, will be on permanent display in the MHI lounge.

Nirakar Poudel

Gary Wang & Cassie Chu

Jocelyn Yip & Dr. Keith Chugg


 Moises Herrerabuitrago


Ming-Chang Chiu

Anton Shkel

Yihang Liu & Yixin Liu

Austin Garrido

Ryan Winters

Maria Camasmie

Negar Golestani

Peter Lillian

Kwame-Lante Wright

Oliver Eisenberg

Published on August 23rd, 2017

Last updated on February 18th, 2020