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Cadence products are actively being used in the following courses.

 477L MOS VLSI Circuit Design: Analysis and design of digital MOS VLSI circuits including area, delay and power minimization. Laboratory assignments including design, layout, extraction, simulation and automatic synthesis.

 EE 505: Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF Integrated-Circuit Tape-Out: Complete systematic tape-out flow including schematic design, simulation, layout, and post-layout verification of analog, mixed-signal, or radio-frequency integrated circuits.

 536a Analog Integrated Circuits: MOSFET operation and models; elementary amplifier configurations; biasing and references; frequency response; noise; feedback; operational amplifiers; frequency compensation; non-linearity and mismatch; passive and active filters.

 536b Analog Integrated Circuits: Advanced topics in analog integrated circuits: Advanced feedback concepts; active filters; ultra-low-power and ultra-low-voltage subthreshold design; analog signal processing for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

 577ab VLSI System Design: Integrated circuit fabrication; circuit simulation; basic device physics; simple device layout; structured chip design; timing; project chip; MOS logic; system design silicon compilers. b: VLSI design project; preparation of chips for fabrication; testing fabricated chips; design examples; design of specific units (e.g., buses); design techniques; testability; system integration.

EE 631: Fundamentals of sampling and discrete-time signals; analog to digital converters; digital to analog converters; switched-capacitor circuits.

 EE 632a Integrated Communication Systems: System- and transistor-level analysis and design of integrated circuits for wireless communications. Wireless communication concepts; radiofrequency transceiver architectures; low-noise amplifiers; mixers; oscillators; power amplifiers.

EE 632b Integrated Communication Systems: System- and transistor-level analysis and design of integrated circuits for wireless and wireline communications; phase- and delay-locked loops; frequency synthesizers; clock and data recovery.

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