To assist you in selecting the appropriate coursework in your first semester of study, EE has compiled a list of courses to pair with your respective major or focus area.

For USC Web Registration instructions, please click here.


If your class number ends in "R" (ex: 014-30404R), you can register through USC Web Registration after all pre-requisites have been met or waived. If your class number ends in "D" (ex: 907-30444D) you must request Departmental Clearance using our D-Clearance Request and Pre-Requisite Waiver System. The d-clearance process ensures that students have completed the required pre-requisites or passed placement examinations. After obtaining d-clearance, register through USC Web Registration.

Directed Research

You are required to read the guidelines before applying for Directed Research

EE 490, EE 590, EE 690 and EE 790

Complete the online Directed Research form by visiting the Directed Research Online Application. If the professor you have selected approves your units for Directed Research, you will recieve a confirmation email and provided with d-clearance.

Registration Forms

Change/Addition of Major, Minor or Degree Objective
If you wish to change your major, minor or degree objective, please complete this form.

Course Schedule Change Form
To add a class to your schedule, you may fill out the Course Schedule Change form after the first week of class and have it signed by the faculty member of the course you wish to enroll in.

Course Time Conflict Form
If you wish to register for a class that conflicts with another course, you will need to have both instructors sign the Course Time Conflict Form.

Special Request Form
You may utilize the Special Request Form for any of the following purposes: (1) substituting coursework, (2) pre-requisite related inquiries, and (3) transfer coursework.

Placement Exams

All students have the option to register for placement exams, free of charge, in order to satisfy pre-requisites for appropriate courses. If you wish to learn more about the placement exams please click here.

Additional Resources

Professor John Choma, former co-chair of the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, taught courses in electrical circuit theory, passive and active filters, and analog integrated electronics. You can view Professor Choma's past DEN lectures for the following courses here: EE 536a: Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design and EE 541: Radio Frequency Circuit Design.

Cadence Tools

Cadence tools are actively being used in the following courses: EE 477L: MOS VLSI Circuit Design, EE 536ab: Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design and 577ab: VLSI System Design.

Published on September 21st, 2016

Last updated on February 18th, 2020