Sashank Kumar Macha T-Shirt Design

4 Sashank Kumar Macha Black Front
4.1 Sashank Kumar Macha Black Back
4.2 Sashank Kumar Macha White Front
4.3 Sashank Kumar Macha White Back

About this design:
"Growing up as a first-generation child in a family which hasn’t seen any engineers, I spent my childhood constantly wondering how a little box with a thin wire at the center of my hall could emanate sound and just trap people inside it. No amount of umpteen explanations could put the questions from the child within to rest. I grew up with time, the instruments around me only grew in number and so did my questions. My passion for Electrical and Computer Engineering comes from these sublime images and is always a source of inspiration that draws me to the field. A typical day in today’s world simply starts and ends with remarkable inventions that this department has developed, so much so that they have become a part of the mundane aspects of life that we don’t appreciate anymore. This is what all the devices at the back of the shirt, almost in oblivion, indicate. All of this is still buried in the brain of an ECE Engineer, which happens to be what everyone wants. From helping the human to stand up and learn his or her first words to making groundbreaking discoveries, the brain is the true object of aspiration. What, though, is the brain without the right means of realization? Merely mundane and hence depicted in an almost similar grey toe. Education (MH Dept. of ECE) is the one and the only tool that is able to glorify anything monotonous and is depicted in the bright cardinal and gold colors. This department has successfully honed brains of brilliance and will continue to do so! I visualize USC Viterbi as an illustrious force that stands strong and is effortlessly evading the black hole, analogous to today’s rapidly changing word. This mark of eminence is something that we Trojans proudly sport on our chest. Attempted to factor these emotions through gradient behind the logon on the front."

Published on July 2nd, 2019

Last updated on February 7th, 2020