Theresa Cinco T-Shirt Design

3 Rain Theresa Cinco Black front
3.1 Rain Theresa Cinco Black Back
3.2 Rain Theresa Cinco White front
2.1 Jiefeng Zhou White

About this design:
"For this t-shirt design, I wanted not only to incorporate an electrical engineering-themed design, but also to show the devotion that we EEs have for our field. As a current EE student at USC, I have seen firsthand how professors and graduate students dedicate several hours to research and teaching. Likewise, I have seen fellow undergraduate students apply their knowledge and creativity not only in class, but also through Viterbi clubs such as the Solar Car Team and Formula SAE. Thus, it is not simply the USC name or the difficult classes, but the people themselves that make up the “heart” of MHI. The printed circuit board on the front of the shirt connects to an integrated chip with a heart on it, signifying both humanity and the love for pushing the boundaries of electrical engineering."