Annual Report

The Ming Hsieh Institute (MHI) was established in May 2010 to complement and enhance the department's electrical engineering academic and research programs. Many activities have been developed and continue to be supported by MHI with the goal of promoting and catalyzing new scholarly and research programs that are innovative and forward-looking. The main goal is to position the department at the forefront and provide leadership in the study of emerging fields within electrical engineering.

The Ming Hsieh Institute annually supports faculty submitted proposals, including several innovative seminar series, major faculty organized conferences, visitor programs and mini-grants. MHI is also proud to initiate and support the MHI Ph.D. Scholar Program, for recognizing and nurturing promising future academic and research leaders. Ph.D. students from the Department of Electrical Engineering are annually selected to be "Ming Hsieh Institute Ph.D. Scholars". This set of students is chosen carefully by a faculty committee on the basis of their research accomplishments and desire for an academic career beyond the Ph.D.

In addition to sponsored activities, MHI developed and annually organizes the department retreat and the department research festival. The objective of the annual retreat is to bring faculty and Ph.D. students together in a social environment both to receive updates regarding the department's research accomplishments and to discuss and collaborate on defining the future of electrical engineering, at USC and beyond. The research festival is a day-long event that showcases EE Ph.D. student research through posters and oral presentations. The entire USC Viterbi Community, alumni and visitors from industry are invited to the event. MHI successfully organized four on-campus research festival events with over 100 student participants and 200 guests.

Information on these programs can be found in the below Annual Reports.

We have significantly benefited from the Ming Hsieh EE naming gift endowment and the many activities it has enabled through the Ming Hsieh Institute. We are grateful for these and look forward to many innovative future programs.

2018-2019 MHI Annual Report


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Published on April 13th, 2017

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