Visitor Program: Professors Shamgar Gurevich and Alexander Fish, University of Wisconsin Department of Mathematics
Organizer: Urbashi Mitra
Sponsored: Spring 2013
Professors visiting USC from February 5‐9, 2013

MHI supports the joint visit of Professors Shamgar Gurevich and Alexander Fish, both of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin. The proposed duration is February 5‐9, 2013. Professor Mitra had first met Prof. Gurevich when he visited USC and presented a seminar on March 7, 2012. Prof. Gurevich presented a method for designing training sequences which were optimized for channel estimation in narrowband, time‐varying multipath channels. Professor Mitra suggested that he consider a different channel and signaling model that we had developed for wideband channels: multi‐lag multi‐scale channels. With his colleague, Prof. Fish, they have had a few skype conversations and Prof. Gurevich has indicated that they have preliminary results which they wish to refine with Professor Mitra's group’s participation. Coincidentally, the signaling and channel model that Professor Mitra promoted to Professors Gurevich and Fish is one that was developed with a previous MHI funded visitor: Dr. Zijian Tang. Their joint paper (T. Xu, Z. Tang, G. Leus and U. Mitra, Multi‐Rate Block Transmission over Wideband Multi‐Scale Multi‐Lag Channels) was accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing on 10/19/2012. In addition to their collaborative efforts, Professors Gurevich and Fish will present technical seminars on their work.

It should be noted that the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Mathematics department was ranked in the top ten in the 2011 National Research Council rankings. In the 2010 US News and World Report rankings, it has a rank of 16. Professors Gurevich and Fish's visit presents an opportunity for Professor Mitra and her group members to interact with excellent mathematicians from a top institution. Their objective is to finalize a journal paper and investigate future avenues for collaboration. There is a key technical problem that they have not pursued to date which relates to how to do analog‐to‐digital conversion of these multi‐scale/multi‐lag signals. Professor Mitra also proposed the potential to widen their collaboration to include Electrical Engineering Professor Hossein Hashemi and/or Professor Mike Chen.

Visitor Biographies:

Alexander Fish, Ph.D. from Hebrew University in Israel from 2007, conducts research in ergodic theory, and wireless communication. He has hold postdoc positions in Ohio State University, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. From July 2012 he is a faculty member of University of Sydney, in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Shamgar Gurevich is a a faculty in the mathematics department of the University of Wisconsin Madison. He is doing research in topics of algebra which are related to sequences design for wireless communication and related algorithms for GPS, Radar, and Communication. He would like to interact with students and researchers in electrical engineering.

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Published on August 16th, 2017

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