2015 - Dr. Shuji Nakamura UC Santa Barbara Nobel Laureate, Physics 2014 “Development of Blue InGaN LEDs and Future lighting" Learn More >> 2014 - David J. Wineland Nobel Laureate, Physics 2012 “Quantum Computers and Raising Schrödinger’s Cat" Learn More >>
2013 - Dr. Zhores Alferov Nobel Laureate, Physics 2000 “Breakthrough Technologies of the 20th Century and Their Importance Today" Learn More >> 2012 - Dr. Andre Geim Nobel Laureate in Physics (2010) "Random Walk to Graphene" Learn More>>
 2011 - Dr. John L Hall Nobel Laureate in Physics (2005) "The Optical Frequency Comob - a new tool with remarkable applications in Science, Metrology, and Medical Diagnostics" Learn More>> 2010 - Dr. Robert B. Laughlin Nobel Laureate in Physics (1998) "The Crime of Reason: And the Closing of the Scientific Mind" Learn More>>
 2009 - Charles Townes Nobel Laureate in Physics (1964) "How the Laser Happened: Interaction of Physics and Electrical Engineering" Learn More >> 2008 - Herbert Kroemer Nobel Laureate in Physics (2000) "Heterostructures: From Physics to Devices and Back (A Personal Perspective)" Learn More >>
2007 - Steven Chu (inaugural lecture) "The World's Energy Problem and What We Can Do About It" Learn More >>

Published on June 26th, 2017

Last updated on February 5th, 2020