2012 Munushian Lecture

Dr. Andre Geim
Langworthy & Royal Society Anniversary Research Professor
The University of Manchester Nobel Laureate, Physics 2010

Lecture Information:
“Random Walk to Graphene”

Dr. Andre Geim, the University of Manchester Nobel Laureate for Physics, 2010, has published over 200 peer-refereed pulications, with more than 35 of his papers being cited over 100 times.  According to ScienceWatch, he is responsible for initiating two research fronts: graphene and gecko tape.


2010 Nobel Prize: For “groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene”
2010 Royal Society Hughes Medal: For the “discovery of graphene and elucidation of its remarkable properties”
2010 NAS John J Cart Award: For “the realisation and investigation of graphene, the two-dimensional form of carbon”
2009 Korber Prize: For “developing the first two-dimensional crystals made of carbon atoms”
2008 Europhysics Prize: For “discovering and isolating a single free-standing atomic layer of carbon (graphene) and elucidating its remarkable electronic properties” (shared with Novoselov)
2007 Mott Prize: For “the discovery of a new class of materials 2D atomic crystals particularly graphene”

Information taken from http://www.condmat.physics.manchester.ac.uk/people/academic/geim/

Published on June 26th, 2017

Last updated on August 2nd, 2023