The late Jack Munushian was a long-time USC professor of electrical engineering and the right-hand man of Zohrab Kaprielian, a storied engineering dean and provost at USC.

Munushian was an innovative distance education pioneer who, utilizing television, began the program that eventually became the Viterbi School’s Distance Education Network. Many of his contributions are still evident in both the Viterbi School and the USC Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering today.

Previous Speakers

AY 2018 - 2019
F. Duncan M. Haldane
Professor of Physics at Princeton University Nobel Laureate, Physics 2016 “Topological Quantum Matter, Entanglement, and the Second Quantum Revolution”

AY 2017 - 2018
William Philips
"Quantum Information: a scientific and technological revolution for the 21st century"

NIST Nobel Laureate, Physics 1997

AY 2016 - 2017
Dr. William Moerner
Stanford University
2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
"The Story of Photonics and Single Molecules, from Early Spectroscopy in Solids, to Super-Resolution."

AY 2015 - 2016
Dr. Shuji Nakamura
UC Santa Barbara
Nobel Laureate, Physics 2014
“Development of Blue InGaN LEDs and Future lighting"

AY 2014 - 2015
Dr. David J. Wineland
Nobel Laureate, Physics 2012
“Quantum Computers and Raising Schrödinger’s Cat"

AY 2013 - 2014
Dr. Zhores Alferov
Nobel Laureate, Physics 2000
“Breakthrough Technologies of the 20th Century
and Their Importance Today"

AY 2012 - 2013
Dr. Andre Geim
Nobel Laureate, Physics (2010)
"Random Walk to Graphene"

AY 2011 - 2012
Dr. John L Hall
Nobel Laureate, Physics (2005)
"The Optical Frequency Comob -
a new tool with remarkable applications in Science, Metrology, and Medical Diagnostics"

AY 2010 - 2011
Dr. Robert B. Laughlin
Nobel Laureate, Physics (1998)
"The Crime of Reason: And the Closing of the Scientific Mind"

AY 2009 - 2010
Dr. Charles Townes
Nobel Laureate in Physics (1964)
"How the Laser Happened: Interaction of Physics and Electrical Engineering"

AY 2008 - 2009
Dr. Herbert Kroemer
Nobel Laureate in Physics (2000)
"Heterostructures: From Physics to Devices and Back (A Personal Perspective)"

AY 2007 - 2008
Dr. Steven Chu (inaugural lecture)
"The World's Energy Problem and
What We Can Do About It"

Published on January 9th, 2017

Last updated on March 28th, 2023