Viterbi Lecture

Past Speakers

Profile of Leonard Kleinrock

Leonard Kleinrock

Viterbi Lecture 2019

"On Some of My Simple Rules"

David Tse

David Tse
Stanford University

Viterbi Lecture 2018

"Maximum Likelihood Genome Sequencing"

Profile of Peter Shor

Peter Shor

Viterbi Lecture 2017

“Capacities for Quantum Communication Channels”


Norman Abramson
University of Hawaii

Viterbi Lecture 2016

"ALOHA to the Web "

Vincent Poor

Vincent Poor
Princeton University

Viterbi Lecture 2015

"Fundamental Limits on Information Security and Privacy"

Profile of Abbas El Gamal

Abbas El Gamal
Stanford University

Viterbi Lecture 2014

"Common Information"

Profile of Sergio Verdu

Sergio Verdú
Princeton University

Viterbi Lecture 2012

"What is Information Theory?"

Profile of Elwyn Berlekamp

Elwyn Berlekamp
UC Berkeley

Viterbi Lecture 2011

"Adventures in Coding Theory"

Profile of Thomas Kailath

Thomas Kailath
Stanford University

Viterbi Lecture 2010

"From Radiative Transfer Theory to Fast Algorithms for Cell Phones"

Profile of Robert M. Gray

Robert M. Gray
Stanford University

Viterbi Lecture 2009

"Codes and Coin Flips: Compression and Modeling"

Profile of Jack K. Wolf

Jack K. Wolf
UC San Diego

Viterbi Lecture 2008

"From Edison to Viterbi"

Profile of Robert J. McEliece

Robert J. McEliece

Viterbi Lecture 2007

"Learning to Teach the Viterbi Algorithm"

Profile of Toby Berger

Toby Berger
University of Virginia

Viterbi Lecture 2006

"Information Exchange Among Neurons in Sensory Cortex"

Profile of Jacob Ziv

Jacob Ziv

Viterbi Lecture 2005

"What is Hidden in an Individual Sequence?"

Profile of G. David Forney Jr

G. David Forney, Jr.

Viterbi Lecture 2004

"Not your father's coding theory"

Profile of Andrew Viterbi

Andrew J. Viterbi

Viterbi Lecture 2003
(inaugural lecture)