Advances in Joint Signal Processing, Perception, and Machine Learning at HP Labs

Sunil Bharitkar
Distinguished Member of Tech. Staff (HP Labs)
Wednesday, April 11th @ 10am EEB 132

In HP’s Emerging Compute Lab, research is being conducted at the intersection of signal processing, auditory perception and machine learning to create fundamentally new experiences for differentiation in HP devices including VR HMD. In this talk we will present various techniques and algorithms, incorporating knowledge of binaural perception, machine learning, and signal processing, to enhance low-frequency perception, spatial rendering, and automated content classification. The research results have been validated through perceptual testing in large-scale studies giving statistically meaningful results. Ongoing research being conducted in the areas deep learning (stacked autoencoders and LSTM) for VR head-related transfer function synthesis, content classification, speech and multimodal biometrics, sensing towards emotion interpretation, and cancer cell data classification (jointly with Life Sciences Lab) will also be presented. The presentation will be accompanied with demonstrations.

Published on March 26th, 2018

Last updated on February 12th, 2020