Ultimately, I have chosen to create mathematical and algorithmic tools to quantify human behavior. Now, whenever I have a solution that works, I have also learned something new about human behavior. [Read more]

I like Chinese traditional music when I was young. I learned to play ErHu, a two-stringed Chinese instrument, and joined the orchestra of my primary school. From then on, I became very interested in audio and music signal processing, which motivated me to choose electrical engineering as my major in college. I think EE is a very broad and interdisciplinary … Read More

We are in the information age with access to large volumes of data from different sources and modalities and with the computing power to tackle problems that were science fictions 15 years ago. This is an incredible transformation full of new opportunities and we have only seen the top of the iceberg of what will come. Advances and developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning … Read More

電機』領域的廣度非常令人驚豔。其中關於什麼是訊號處理,我在IEEE工程師學會的Signal Processing Society中看到的一句話,『我們日常生活背後的科學』,這真的總結了這一切。在這個領域中,我們不僅僅是發明技術,也直接為影響我們日常生活的科學貢獻一份心力。 [Read more]

“The breadth of EE is really amazing. A saying about signal processing that I found from the IEEE signal processing society, ‘the science behind our daily life,’ really summarizes it all. Being in this field, not only are we just inventing tools, but also in a way contributing back to the scientific aspect that directly impact our daily life.” [Read more]

“Multidisciplinary partnerships between electrical engineers and scientists from various fields have resulted in products and capabilities beyond the wildest dreams: self-driving cars, voice-enabled technologies, 3D printers, big data tools are commonplace realities that can help address challenges in healthcare, education, economy, and commerce.” [Read more]